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Deluxe Arrangement

"Naomi makes you feel incredibly comfortable! My hair and makeup looked great all day long!

Naomi was present at our wedding all day and touched up the makeup or hair as necessary! In the evening I had a completely different look in half an hour! Naomi is sweet, fun and above all very knowledgeable!! Thank you!!” 
Kelly - The Perfect Wedding

Foto credits: Joy Photography


​As PA(personal assistant) I am there for you all day long, I keep an eye on whether your dress still fits well, make sure your hair looks perfect on every picture, touch up the lipstick when necessary and support you where needed.

Help with all those little things from a professional can provide a lot of peace of mind and prevent minor worries. 

The photographers have more space for their work now that I support them and together we ensure that you get perfect photos together.

  • Makeup and hair styling trial session in the bridal studio in Schipluiden (Between Delft and The Hague)

  • Bridal makeup and hairstyle on location

  • Rent premium hair extensions

  • Makeup and hair styling for guest(s) in consultation (how many guests depends on available time)

  • Assistance with the photo shoots

  • Unlimited amount of touch ups

  • Touch up, look change before/after dinner or before the party.

  • Personal assistance throughout the day :-) and don't forget: mental support during those exciting moments! 


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